Purchasing Cost Management

Cost management and cost reduction for business essentials

Are you sure your company is not wasting money on purchases or contracts that could be better negotiated? Does your internal team lack the necessary skills or confidence to do this? Or are they simply too busy?

We strongly believe you can always get more for less. We have achieved radically improved output from a much reduced cost base. We can help embed solid procurement & cost control management techniques across your organization so that this becomes part of the way your company thinks and acts.

No company likes to use the terms cost-cutting, due to its negative connotations and misconception that this always leads to further decline. However, every company needs to regularly carry out a comprehensive review of purchases and contracts to ensure they are getting the best value or ROI.

Suppose you could

  • Take costs out of your business with a minimum of effort?
  • Undertake a cost assessment specific to you?
  • Prioritise the task because that is the only job to be done?
  • Re-negotiate with suppliers without compromising relationships?

Well, you can.

We work with one of the leading cost management and cost reduction consultants for SME’s. That’s what they do for all their clients all the time!  And they won’t charge a penny for doing it until demonstrated savings are in the pipeline!

They offer impartial, independent advice – they have no “preferred suppliers”. The team is dedicated and experienced, and wholeheartedly committed to their clients. They have a proven approach that has been complimented by clients past and present for the benefits that have been brought to their enterprises.

The costs that can be reviewed include core essentials such as energy and waste, telecoms including mobiles, data security, packaging, fuel cards and other day to day critical services.

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