Would you like help on payroll?

Payroll has always been a time consuming and stressful task for businesses whether large or small.

Payroll is a task which can never be forgotten or left late as it will not only result in your employees not being paid on time but could also lead to a fine from IRB if your PAYE payments are late. Not only will you receive penalties for late PAYE payments but also for the late submission of the relevant full payment schedules. A full payment schedule (FPS) is the new form that has to be submitted online every month to the Revenue every time an employee or director is paid.

You must ensure that all of your employee details are 100% correct otherwise the FPS forms will be rejected if you do not have all of the required details which could cause the FPS to be late.

Not only is all of the above highly important, The Workplace Pensions is now another task that can never be forgotten or put off. This is a legal obligation of all employers large or small. Every employer will need to look at their staging in date and ensure they have everything in place. All employers need to be aware that this will be a very time consuming task.

It is challenging for businesses keeping up to date with the increasingly complex demands of administration and making sure you meet your obligations as an employer.

JAZALO MANAGEMENT can relieve you of this stress and complete the payroll on your behalf. We will ensure all of the requirements are met and the correct forms are submitted on time.

We offer businesses of all sizes, payroll processing services at fixed and affordable prices. We are proud of our knowledge in doing payroll in accordance with IRB guidance and regulations. We also facilitate payroll audits and strictly comply with regulations as required by IRB.

Computing salary, deducting PAYE and NI payments have to be accurate and done on a regular basis. It involves a thorough knowledge in processing payroll and relevant rules or regulations. By being up to date with IRB regulations we make sure that you are always compliant and thereby avoid unnecessary queries.

Why choose JAZALO MANAGEMENT for processing your payroll?

  • We will ensure your people are paid on time, every time
  • We will ensure your business stays compliant
  • Easy to reach as we are local to you
  • No job is too small or too large for us
  • Fixed price (and highly competitive)

If you want your payroll to be managed effectively, contact us right away

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