Business Management

For help in a making the right changes whether in times of growth or a new direction, we can help on a short-term or part-time basis with business management, with the best advice from truly experienced and qualified resources.

Our experience of challenging circumstances in many diverse businesses means we are adept at:

  • Grasping the key business issues quickly and driving improvement
  • Building strong relationships with management and key stakeholders
  • Devising and implementing plans to improve business performance
  • Working closely with key company advisors

Typical roles may be:

  • Working with the owner / directors devising a strategy to ensure the survival of the business
  • Preparing a plan to improve the company’s fortunes, in conjunction with the company’s management
  • Hands on management of cash flow crises, including building cash flow forecasts
  • Negotiations with banks, suppliers, customers, shareholders, venture capitalists and other key stakeholders
  • Implementation of plans identified by banks’ advisors
  • Identify Key Issues

We will quickly assess the situation and focus on the critical issues facing the organisation. JAZALO MANAGEMENT will bring a wealth of experience and have a different perspective from those within the organization.

  • Working with Senior Management

We will ensure that the strengths of the management team are fully utilised. The management team will normally have many years of experience of the industry and we will want to make good use of that experience. Our approach is that the quality of the decision making is key, rather than the need to have had previous knowledge of the sector.

  • Performance Improvement

Give a truly independent view on complex issues to boost short term results and build in long term capabilities.

  • Profit Enhancement

Are you sure your company is not wasting money on purchases or contracts that could be better negotiated? Does your internal team lack the necessary skills or confidence to do this? Or are they simply too busy?

We strongly believe you can always get more for less. We have achieved radically improved output from a much reduced cost base. We can help embed solid procurement & cost control management techniques across your organization so that this becomes part of the way your company thinks and acts.

No company likes to use the terms cost-cutting, due to its negative connotations and misconception that this always leads to further decline. However, every company needs to regularly carry out a comprehensive review of purchases and contracts to ensure they are getting the best value or ROI.

  • Effecting Change
    1. Recommending Changes

We will make recommendations to improve the business. Some will be minor and others may be more fundamental.

Change is often difficult but it is necessary. Whether it is from simple process re-engineering, to disruptive enterprise-wide change, we have the tools and experience to make it happen.

Having agreed what changes are needed it is vital the changes are implemented effectively. JAZALO MANAGEMENT have experience of implementing change, ensuring that timescales and costs are agreed and delivered.

    1. Managing Cash

Improving the cash position of the organisation is usually vital. This might be achieved by reducing stock levels, ensuring debtors pay to terms, negotiating with suppliers, agreeing a Time to Pay arrangement with IRB, selling unutilised assets or finding new forms of finance.
We will want to improve the cash position and forecast the cash requirements of the business accurately.

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