JAZALO MANAGEMENT was established to allow SME's in Greater Kuala Lumpur (and sometimes beyond) to benefit from cost effective and flexible help for their accounting/finance functions and business management.

JAZALO MANAGEMENT works with a number of associates and can provide interim help at all levels.

We have had extensive direct experience of business ownership. We have run businesses ourselves as sole proprietors and limited companies. And we have direct experience of being on the client side of accountancy and bookkeeping.

Consequently we bring a blend of understanding and depth of knowledge that enables us to offer far more than just an accounting service. We have experienced many of the challenges business owners need to deal with and can provide pragmatic and balanced guidance through sound experience where needed.

So, you'll find we deliver more than you might expect.

Our Commitment to you

  • We will put you first always!
  • We will build a long-term relationship with you which will help your business to flourish
  • We will provide you with sound advice in a language you can understand
  • We will be available when you want us – evenings or weekends, just let us know.
  • We will help you decide the services that are right for you and determine a fixed monthly fee.

Legal Disclaimer

We are not responsible for any typographical errors or inaccuracies set forth in this website. The information, prices, and discounts set forth herein are subject to change without notice.


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